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Soil carbon monitoring - just a matter of time

The Co-founder and General Manager of Australia’s largest Agtech accelerator says it’s only a matter of time before farmers will be able to install probes to detect their soil carbon levels. Sam Trethewey, General Manager of Australia’s SproutX, says agriculture is the fastest growing pillar of Australia’s economy, currently worth around $60 billion, but our agricultural technology is not keeping up with the rest of the world. In the latest Soils For Life video series, Sam says other countries have a vibrant innovation ecosystem within their agricultural sectors. “No one was using ‘best practice’ principles to innovate in Australian agriculture, so we’ve bought this proven methodology to the industry, which ....

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Advocate urges agricultural ministers to adopt "whole of government" proposal

Australia’s National Soils Advocate, Major General Michael Jeffery, has urged today’s meeting of the Agricultural Ministerial Council to adopt his proposals to restore and maintain the health of the Australian agricultural landscape. In a letter to the Federal, State and Territory Ministers for Agriculture, General Jeffery says the Council should give very close attention to his paper “Restore the Soil: Prosper the Nation”. “Adoption of these proposals would mean that, perhaps for the first time in our national agricultural history, fundamental policy principles can be agreed between you all that will provide lasting benefit to our 120,000 farmers, to the public in general and to our trading partners”. "Achieving the ....

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AWI and Soils For Life back stewardship with science

Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) in partnership with Soils For Life (SFL), has established a long-term project to collect evidence on trends in production and environmental performance on wool-growing properties within predator/exclusion fenced areas of central Queensland and north eastern New South Wales. For more information, contact: Niree Creed, Media, Soils for Life: 0418625595

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Soil health on the agenda at NRM/China forum

  Australia’s National Soils Advocate, Major General Michael Jeffery, will be a lead speaker at a joint Australia/China Forum in Hobart tomorrow, Tuesday, May 1st. The Australia China Sustainable Agricultural Technology Forum will facilitate discussions and explore collaboration between Australian and Chinese researchers and practitioners from Australia’s natural resource management network. The agenda for the Forum includes projects focusing on soil nutrient and moisture management; soil health remediation through science, technology and farming practices; restoration of farmland waterways and water bodies for improved water quality, and sustaining bee populations. General Jeffery’s presentation will incorporate the imperative of global food security, and the vital ....

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Stephanie Alexander teaching kids to grow, eat and respect food

  Stephanie Alexander teaching kids to grow, eat and respect food One of Australia’s most respected advocates of home grown food, Stephanie Alexander AO, says kids who have their own school kitchen gardens are learning about the importance of healthy soils in producing healthy food. The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation has initiated school kitchen gardens in over 1600 schools around Australia. In the latest interview in the Soils For Life ....

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"Red tape" review a boost for regenerative farmers

Australia’s foremost proponent of regenerative agriculture, Soils For Life, has welcomed the Federal Government’s review aimed at reducing red tape for farmers working to improve their land and environmental assets. The Chair of Soils For Life, Major General the Honourable Michael Jeffery, said the appointment of Dr Wendy Craik to conduct the review into the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act should help clear the pathway for many farmers to undertake regenerative practices. “We estimate that over a million hectares of Australia’s farmland is now under active regenerative management”, General Jeffery said. “Our case studies (SFL Case Studies) over the past ....