A healthy, resilient agricultural landscape


We are partnering with natural resource management organisations and agencies to encourage the wider adoption of regenerative landscape management. Our Resilient Agricultural Landscapes Project aims to help farmers learn how to manage their properties to minimise the impact of a variable climate on production and landscape health through information sharing and farmer-to-farmer mentoring.


The Resilient Agricultural Landscapes Project is a cooperative venture in knowledge and skill transfer between experienced land managers, with proven positive outcomes from resilient landscape management practices, and landholders who seek to preserve and improve the natural capital of their agricultural and grazing properties.

Building on the success of our Western Division Resilient Landscapes Project, this project will comprise:

  • Case studies of properties successfully applying regenerative landscape management practices and achieving positive economic, environmental and social outcomes.
  • Demonstration and information activities, such as field days, to publicise the landscape management practices and the results being achieved.
  • Farmer-to-farmer mentoring programs in a variety of geo-climatic regions and different enterprise types.

We believe that successful regenerative landscape management leads to improved natural capital of properties, more effective property infrastructure, improved production outcomes, enterprise economic development and flow-on benefits for rural and remote families and communities.